Third Coast Tennis


Summer Saturdays and Sundays starting 5/16

Dexter High School Mill Creek Middle School

WTT Format: 

  • Each team consists of 2 males and 2 females 
  • A match consists of 5 sets total…one of each of the following: males’ and females’ singles, mens’ and womens’ doubles, and mixed doubles 
  • Each player can only appear in 2 sets. So one male will play singles and doubles, while the other plays doubles and mixed doubles. Same for the ladies 
  • The winning team is determined by adding up all games in all 5 sets. 
  • OVERTIME: If the team that is trailing the overall match score wins the mixed doubles set, the match goes into overtime. This goes until the trailing team ties the overall score or when the winning team wins one game. 
  • No-Ad Scoring is used

$15/person includes 3 guaranteed matches and match balls. 

All ages and ability levels welcome. Teams will be matched according to skill. 

Players can register as a team or sign up as a “free agent” and be placed on a team 

Events are listed under the “workshops” tab on the website 

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TCT Singles Flex League 2020

Get back on the court with some fun singles action!

All ages, gender, and skill levels welcome

Players will be grouped according to skill level

  • Sign up online for any 2-week session that fits your schedule
  • Play 3 matches in a 2 week period.  
  • Matches can be played anywhere.  

Matches will be played 2 out of 3 sets using the “Fast Four” format.  This means each set is up to 4 instead of 6, no-ad scoring, and the 3rd set is a full set (up to 4 games like the 1st and 2nd sets).  This format is different, but really fun!

Balls will be provided

Register Here